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When you...
Have big career ambitions
Want to earn high in short time
Want your growth remain in your own hand

Want a stable company, safe job...and many more

When you are not able to find
A SINGLE Company where you can get ALL BENEFITS AT ONE PLACE

We have GOOD NEWS FOR YOU, Just read on….

Fortune Human Capital
A place where you can navigate your career yourself, the way you want.

Gone are the days when…

⇒ Income, Pay-Package & Growth were limited to the alumni of Premium B-Schools
⇒ Bosses, used to decide the Income, Promotion, Growth & Career path of employee
⇒ You needed to wait for year end and sometimes more for appraisal and growth

Fortune believes, talent is not limited only with the one who is Graduated from IIMs Or possess any other degree of premium B-School. Talent is widely available in India with common people but ironically those who don’t possess top college degree are often deprived of high pay-packages.

Now finally you have a place where neither your College nor your Boss will decide your career Now your INCOME and your GROWHT is completely in your own hand. Now only your talent and your performance will decide your future.

Check, are you among those answering these questions in “NO”
It means it is time to CHANGE…

To fulfil your all dreams, the world class opportunity awaits you.

Moreover, it is not about few questions but the list of questions are exhaustive, each of them (following) makes Fortune an unique place to work, just read on and check yourself...


High Income

Self Appraisal System

Monthly Salary Growth

High Career Growth

Best Place To Work

Advance Technology

Training & Hand Holding

Reward & Recognition

Extra as Gifts

Safeguard from Hiring & Firing

Large Requirements
To Work On

Multidimensional work opportunity

Value Addition In CV

Fun At Work


Work Life Balance

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