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There might be end no. of reasons some of which includes like sudden surge in work, Govt. regulations, market uncertainty etc. today contractor and temporary workers are part of the flexible workforce that is a critical part of many workplaces. Businesses rely on contractor and temporary workers to meet opportunities created by special project work, periods of peak demand etc.

Fortune Human Capital’s (FHC) contract and temporary recruitment solutions give clients the flexibility to respond to changing workload demands, augment staffing on existing projects and provide access to specialist skills whenever and wherever they’re needed. We give you flexibility of an agile, on-demand workforce who is equipped to run your business operations just the way you want them to.

FHC has specialized team which can provide you a reliable Temporary / Contract Staffing solutions which helps you to create a strong work force just as par with the Permanent Employee but at the cost of Temporary Employee. It helps you to meet your demand on afore said periods. FHC is one of fastest growing HR Company launched in India, offering a full service, cost-effective, and efficient Human Resource Management services to growing organisations that may currently not want to have the infrastructure to perform different labour-intensive tasks such as Muster Role, Wages Register,

Salary Slips, Leave Record, ESI, PF etc. When you make agreement with FHC you would have feel that you have your own HR department without the said hassles.

Salient features of our Temporary Staffing Services.
⇒ Recruit candidates through huge data base and various unique recruitment methodologies.
⇒ Employee working at your place remains on the Pay Rolls of FHC.
⇒ FHC provides customised training to employee to be productive from day one
⇒ We maintain entire documentation and labour related statutory requirements.
⇒ Sharing the documents as and when it required by client.
⇒ Payroll and personnel administration
⇒ We deposit all statutory to related authorities on time.
⇒ Employee registration under ESIC & EPF schemes

Why you need services of FHC for Temporary/Contract Hiring
⇒ Customised hiring as per your requirements.
⇒ Cost effective service
⇒ Less administrative burden
⇒ Customised training as per your requirement
⇒ Flexible and specialist skill sets when you need them.
⇒ Productive from day one of joining
⇒ Excellent transferable skill; contractors bring a wide –breadth of experience.

The moment we sign contract and you handover your HR administration to us, you are free enough to focus on your core business at the same time lot of savings, time, hassles and resources.