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Career in Education

Education is the industry which caters to the basic right of human being. This is an evergreen industry which might never face recession rather increasing the size continuously. India has the world’s highest population of 500 million of age group between 5-24 yrs. which not only makes India the youngest country but also creates a biggest space in world to serve the education industry. There was time when only teaching was considered as job in Education but now with thriving demand, digitalization and growing population have given a beautiful multidimensional shape to the industry.

At school level now there is segmentation at different level of schools like Play School, Primary, High School and there are lot of brands that have come up to cater the industry through their franchisee network across India.

Now education system at all level is changing with e-education and schools are using smart classes for better education. Reports have proven that this method of study is much effective than traditional system.

Moreover, now many brands have introduced their App based courses to support current study. Now a days large no. of parents has migrated from private tuition to App based study materials due to its greater effectiveness.

These all have placed India in the 2nd position in world after US in e-learnings.

At college level large no. of private universities are doing well and increasing their share on pie. To add value in the current career now lot of specialized short-term courses are also high in demand.

This is not all, now the study is not limited to school or university or the age group of 5-24 yrs. but now almost all top-level B-Schools and other colleges are offering short term course for working professionals. Normally the course fee of these types of courses are between 2-12 Lakh and these courses are benefitting mutually at one side it is adding big revenue to education industry at the same time adding value to the career of individuals.

Technology is playing vital role in such courses because most of the times the employee were not able to participate in course due to not able to attend classes or long leave but with Virtual Classes every Computer is a mini class room that too interactive. This is attracting large no. of employee to such courses.

Technology is not limited to big courses but today almost all classes are equipped with Smart Board and smart class.

Now almost all the academics are going digital through interactive classroom and distance learning program through web classes paving way to E-learning and M-Learning.

These phenomena have created additional and new market to education industry in large nos. for IT people.

Most of the regular profile for which Fortune hires for are

⇒ Professors for all subject area
⇒ Teaching Associates
⇒ Program Co-ordinator
⇒ Academic Director for different verticals
⇒ Academic Counsellor
⇒ IT Profiles like PHP Developer, .Net, ASP.NET, UI/UX Developer etc.
⇒ Video Production Manager
⇒ Quality Head
⇒ Salespeople related to Franchisee Development and Selling of Academic courses.

Education industry is a well-funded industry where at one side end user is investing keeping other expense aside as well as govt. is also funding and collecting funds through additional taxation. This is not all, apart from govt. has allowed 100% FDI to this industry. The total amount of FDI inflow into this sector stood at US $ 2.47 billion from April 2000 to March 2019 according to data released by DPIIT. Being one of the are where every govt. must give special focus the govt. has opened this industry for 100% FDI under Automatic Route. The total amount of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) inflow into the education sector in India stood at US$ 2.47 billion from April 2000 to March 2019, according to data released by Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT). These all are creating huge employment opportunities in India.

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