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Whatever size of your company might be outsourcing of Payroll help you focusing more and more on your core business in effective manner and keep you away from a large list of operational and regulatory formalities. Simply, handover the process and put your all resources managing your business in effective way.

How our Payroll Service can help your organization.

⇒ Low or No investment in hiring own team and their issues.
⇒ No investment required in making IT infrastructure.
⇒ No hassles of maintaining documents.
⇒ Low risk of legal & regulatory compliance failure and penalty.
⇒ One stop and quick availability of payroll related information or MIS.
⇒ End-to-end assistance through the entire life-cycle of employee.
⇒ Better payroll support leads to greater employee satisfaction.
⇒ Fast and complete resolution of all HR related queries and complains of employees (if any).
⇒ Full control at your hand through MIS.
⇒ You can customise the services at any stage as per your requirements.

Salary Processing

Our Payroll Service offers you endless support to keep you in comfort zone so that you can manage your core business effectively; some of the processes are Make pictorial based illustration of following

⇒ Making error-free Salary Sheets complying with Leaves & Absent
⇒ Adhering to minimum wages of different states
⇒ Incorporation of Tax Benefits declared by employees
⇒ Complying the instruction passed by your organization

Statutory Deduction

⇒ Provident Fund
⇒ Employee State Insurance
⇒ Tax Deduction At Source
⇒ Professional Tax (If applicable)
⇒ Provide flexibility to change the structure at year end as per investment made.

Variable Benefits

In case you want to give performance based benefits or incentive it can be incorporated. It can work on various methods like .

⇒ Performance based monthly / Quarterly or Annual pay-outs
⇒ Flexibility of Variable Payment for time bared performance.
⇒ Incentive pay-outs for high performers.
⇒ Flexibility to design own package


You may have different types of reimbursement to employees like Mobile / Travel / Other Expenses

⇒ Adhering to the mandate related above
⇒ Managing the changes as and when required
⇒ Report in case of any issue found during processing

Statutory Support

Registration of organization and employee, compliance, return filling and related intimation regarding

⇒ PESI (Employee State Insurance) Act
⇒ EPF & MP
⇒ Bonus Act , Factories Act , Payment of Wages Act , Minimum Wages Act , Labour Welfare Fund
⇒ Minimum Wages Act , Shop & Establishment Act , Contract Labour Act , Payment of Gratuity Act
⇒ Professional Tax Act


All above activities can be monitored through different reports made for Organization & Employees

⇒ Salary Sheets
⇒ Monthly Salary Statement in Muster Role
⇒ Form-16 to employees
⇒ Different statutory return filling

Exit Management

Smooth exit helps making good brand to work in, we can help you in

⇒ Exit interview and feedback session
⇒ Full & final settlement procedure, taking NOC etc
⇒ Settlement of Leave / Advance / Loans / Recovery etc.
⇒ Relieving letter and FnF.

Service Support

We understand service is the key to success thus we ensure TAT & SLA based service for all

⇒ Resolution of query / complains regarding any issue like Salary / Leave /
⇒ Escalation matrix for unresolved query / complains.
⇒ Reconciliation of all kind of payment
⇒ Update to employee in case of delaying cases

Employee Self Service

You may opt to have option for employees on cloud which they can View / Download from anywhere as per yourrequirement.

⇒ Employee can view and update their personal details online
⇒ Salary sheets and Tax computation
⇒ Submit/Claim Month wise Reimbursement and other payment details
⇒ Submit Investment declaration from anywhere.
⇒ Form-16 , Leave request / report , Query / Complain lodging

Customised service

Organization can have customised service as per their requirements like

⇒ Customise the documents presentation, theme and Logo of co. and lay outs.
⇒ Set up password for employee as required.
⇒ Enable / Disable access of portal to employee
⇒ Submit / Approve / Reject Leave application and escalation
⇒ Access to employee to edit their personal information and its limit.