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“We provide one stop customized HR solutions, primarily recruitments to our client by catering themright from the entry level to a high value assignment. Our client centricapproach and commitmenttowards continuous improvement programs is our keydifferentiator. We offer you services from Contingent Consulting to Turn-Key Projects that includesmanaging recruitment life-cycle throughout the Pyramid of the organisation.”

Who We Are

Fortune Human Capital is a professionally managed company backed by a large team of highly skilled and experienced professionals working continuously with a purpose to create a disruption in the HR Industry.

Are you in search of Top HR Company of India? Amongst a Million HR Companies finding a premium and suitable one is just like SAMUDRA MANTHAN (Churning of Sea) specially when everyone is claiming to be on the top. Let us make it easy with a simple checklist:

⇒ Is your consultant landing up with the same candidates which you have already explored,
⇒ is your consultant giving profiles which are leading duplicity time and again,
⇒ Is your business suffering due to no line-ups or poor-quality interviews or
⇒ Is your consultant not able to accomplish niche hiring

All the above factors means they all are generic HR Co. and IT IS TIME TO CHANGE because the consultant is dependent only on Job Portals which you already might have.

Fortune Human Capital (FHC) came into existence in India following a detailed and in-depth survey of the Indian market with a conclusion that India is one of the largest country in terms of Human Capital on the globe but still the corporate' of the country are struggling with the demand and supply gap in terms of employable manpower, on the other hand, it has been found that quality manpower is struggling to get good employment matching with their interest and profile.

Fortune Human Capital derived from When we talk about any kind of capital, we can undisputedly say human is the biggest capital and we believe human is fortunate being human. With this concept the name Fortune Human Capital has been decided by a group of more than 100 corporate honchos like VP, Sr. VP, CXO and Director and Managing Director.

Recruitment Beyond Job Portal

At Fortune, despite of having subscriptions to all premium job portals we do not prefer sourcing candidates from such sources. Through indigenously designed recruitment methods FHC can very easily reach those candidates who are not registered on any of the job portals. Needless to say, such candidates are real assets for any organization and are not keen on changing their job due to the healthy relation they share with the employer.

Moreover, every organization has its own set of requirements and eligibility parameters and every candidate has its own set of capabilities, skill sets and interests. We found that there is a drastic difference between an eligible candidate and a best matching candidate, likewise there is a drastic of difference between an eligible job and the best matching job. You must be agreeing that the prime reason of job dissatisfaction is mismatch between candidate’s trait and the job requirements.

Simply way we can say, “Where right recruitment can make your organization, the wrong one can break it too”

An Executive Match Making People

In our daily routine we spend highest percentage of our active hour in our chosen profession (More than 50% in Office, More than 25% For Office and Remaining 25% other). You may check and verify with your own routine work. The human and his career are like a marriage association and like marriage if the association is wrong the life of both partners may go in mess.