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Media, Events & Entertainment

The Indian Media and Entertainment (M&E) industry is a rising sector for the economy and is growing continuously with high pace. This is the industry which is growing multidimensionally across different platform like Film, TV, FM, Print Media, Web & Digital Media, Mobile, Gaming etc.

Career in Film & Entertainment Industry

As long as life is there, the need of entertainment will be live. Film industry provides multiple career opportunities for different talent pool. To produce a Film Or Serial a group of people work behind that which includes but not limited to Creative, Script Writer, Cinematography, Animation, Sound Engineering, Direction and Marketing etc.

News & Entertainment TV Channels

Being fastest growing media today this piece of media has captured the biggest pie. This segment of media is providing unlimited career opportunities at all level and increasing the space continuously. The most popular career opportunities in this industry are under Editorial, Creative, Script Writing, Broadcasting & Satcom Engineering, Materials, Marketing and in large nos. under Advertisement apart from traditional demand like HR, Operation, back end etc.

FM Radio

In busy life today FM Radio provides simultaneous entertainment while you are doing something else like cooking, driving, travelling or any other work. Like Film you are not required to spare separate time to listen FM Radio which creates big demand of FM service providers, which is creating ample career opportunities in FM Radio under Creative, Sound Engineering, Broadcasting and most important Ad Sales department.


To attract particular segment of crowed today corporate need to organize various events through which they are inviting targeted pool of audience by organizing customized events conceptualizing their product promotion. It is attracting corporates, and this creates big career opportunities specially for Marketing and Advertisement Sales people apart from other various subsidiary career opportunity.

Print Media

Despite huge expansion of Electronic Media the demand of Print Media is still there in market. Almost in every household we seek a newspaper in hand with morning sip of tea. Except broadcasting and satcom this industry also provides similar career opportunity to electronic media like Editorial, Creative and Sales & Marketing.

Web & Digital Media

– In today’s world while an individual is highly occupied in daily routine therefore now everyone wants the things very handy. This has created a space of Web World and now every information or entertainment is available in hand. Our smart phone brings the entire world to us immediately. Apart from traditional career this industry has created a big demand of IT people. Overall media industry is backed by rising consumer demand and improving advertising revenues continuously. Increasing Digitalization and high internet usage are catalyst to the growth of industry.

The Indian advertising industry is projected to be the second fastest growing advertising market in Asia after China. At present, advertising revenue accounts for around 0.38 per cent of India’s gross domestic product. With an impressive growth rate, the Indian Media and Entertainment industry is expected to grow at a much faster rate than the global average.

The Growth of industry is expected in retail advertisement massively due to the factors such as several players entering into different industry segment, India is continuously growing upward in the world’s list of ‘Ease Of Doing Business’, e-commerce gaining more popularity in the country, and domestic companies testing out the waters. The rural region is a blue ocean and potentially profitable target.

The Government of India has supported Media and Entertainment industry’s growth by taking various initiatives such as digitalization of cable distribution sector to attract greater institutional funding, increasing FDI limit from 74 per cent to 100 per cent in cable and DTH satellite platforms, and granting industry status to the film industry for easy access to institutional finance.

Career Opportunity

Indian media and entertainment (M&E) industry grew at a CAGR of 10.90 per cent from FY17-18; and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 13.10 per cent to touch Rs 2,660.20 billion (US$ 39.68 billion) by FY23 from Rs 1,436.00 billion (US$ 22.28 billion) in FY18. India's media consumption has grown at a CAGR of 9 per cent between 2012-18, almost nine times that of US and two times that of China. The industry provides employment to 3.5-4 million people, including both direct and indirect employment in CY 2017.

These all created huge job opportunity in Media and Entertainment industry for all kind of professionals be it technical, non-technical, sales, creative, editorial, production, broadcasting or IT etc.

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